Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Here I made some screen captures of my Ableton Live projects folders. The reason being to get an over view that I currently have several projects in various stages of work and completion. Maybe are at what I call the 80% stage. Meaning they have everything (including lyrics) finished except for vocals and final guitar leads and fills. Some are a 50% stage or so, meaning rhythm tracks and foundation is okay, but they lack rhythm guitars or those guitars need to be done over. The point being that there are a lot of songs here, many originals and many covers, that are almost finished and yet they stay in an incomplete state. Some for a very long time. I have had some of these songs for almost two years. Not many but a few. Granted the parts have beens all recorded over a couple times or more and arrangements have changed. But still, that none of these songs have really been finished is an issue. I should also note that there are still many other songs I have worked on to song stage and then deleted or moved on from. I may have a plan to redo them and so in a sense they are still potential projects as well. 

But I need a totally new work strategy in order to complete these and move on to new projects. A strategy I feel is to select ONE at the 80% area song and just do it.  No more than one song. Not two. But any song with drums, bass, rhythm  guitars and keys and with completed lyrics can be a suitable project. After completing the vocals and remaining guitar part the song will be 95% finished, with the last 5% being infernal ass mix tweaking. I can still practice guitar, keys or voice, but while trying to complete a project I cannot start a new project during that time. This means not even dropping down Midi files or recording guitar parts to remember the riffs and chords. So, now I need a project to complete. Lemme think.

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